What is QEDIT?ΒΆ

QEDIT is a privacy layer for your Blockchain stack. It allows developers to create digital asset tokens that can be issued and transferred on Blockchain networks while keeping the details of all transactions completedly private. Instead of writing the details of each transaction on the Blockchain, QEDIT uses zero-knowledge proof technology to attest to the validity of a transaction while still retaining the ability to reach consensus which is cruicial for a truly distributed ledger.

QEDIT has a simple web services interface that you can use to create issuance rules, issue assets, transfer ownership of assets and much more with complete privacy. QEDIT gives any developer the ability to build state-of-the-art privacy preserving Blockchain solutions without requiring expertise in cryptography.

This guide explains the core concepts of QEDIT, such as wallets and assets, and how to work with these resources using the QEDIT application programming interface (API).