Release notes


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Important bug fixes and performance improvements.


  • Support for Ethereum configuration of 0 cost for gas
  • New simplified wallet address format
  • Important bug fixes and performance improvements


  • Support for VMware Concord Blockchain stack
  • Confidential issuance is now enforced by asset ID range, keeping the asset ID and asset amount hidden
  • transfer_asset, issue_asset, create_rule, delete_rule, unlock_wallet endpoints were updated to work asynchronously
  • New get_status endpoint allows querying the status of pending transactions
  • Important bug fixes and performance improvements


  • Support For Samsung Nexledger Blockchain stack
  • New /health endpoint for monitoring deployment health status
  • New /wallet/get_wallet_activity endpoint (replaces /analytics/get_transactions) allows retrivel of all related wallet activity including issuances and rules updates.
  • New /analytics/get_network_activity endpoint (replaces /analytics/get_blocks) allows monitoring of all QEDIT related activity on the blockchain including proofs of asset transfer, proofs of issuance, and rules updates.
  • “wallet_label” parameter renamed to “wallet_id” across all endpoints
  • Important bug fixes and performance improvements


Task Listing:

  • New endpoint get_tasks
  • Lists all tasks and their current statuses

Sender ID:

  • ID is defined by Wallet public key
  • Attached to all transfers and issues, and integral part of rules
  • Verified by receiver
  • Returned in get_wallet_activity endpoint

New Auditor view enabled by two new endpoints:

  • export_auditor_access_wallet
  • import_auditor_access_wallet
  • An auditor wallet allows access to all endpoints that do not write anything to the blockchain
  • The wallet in particular does not allow transfers, issuance or rule creation



  • Separate merkle tree state (#495)
  • run HOL migration only if it wasn’t already running (#508)
  • Deploy nexledger connector (#501)
  • Build docker images for nexledger connector (#499)
  • Nexledger: timestamp and config changes - normalize to use the same config as the one for the _Ethereum_ connector (#487)
  • Make import_wallet an async task (#488)
  • Using a single mutex for the wallet cache to avoid possible deadlock (#494)


  • Make tx_hash in get_network_activity and wallet activity the same (#506)
  • Fix log levels (trace) (#497)


  • Sync wallets when importing (#503)
  • Support auditor wallet async import with blockchain sync (#538)
  • Syncing delete wallet and import wallet actions (#527)
  • Adding state to task status in get_task_status and get_tasks endpoints (#537)
  • Improved funding implementation for NexLedger connector (#535)
  • Improved task logging (#529)
  • Report tx_hash from transactions instead of tasks (#526)
  • Looping note selection mechanism to select smaller notes when possible (#523)
  • Structured logging (#522)
  • Checking validity of outgoing note before broadcast (#507)
  • Configurable sleep retry interval for blockchain listener (#511)


  • Better API documentation
  • Allow filtering of network activity by txHash
  • New API endpoint: get blockchain sync status
  • Verify issue and rule before submitting to blockchain
  • Batch process blocks (in NexLedger blockchain)
  • Secure (cryptographically guaranteed) sender ID
  • Report task status as success only after verification and state update



  • Confirmations for Transfers (#573)
  • String asset ID and namespaces (#555)
  • P2P Messenger (#558)


  • Better API documentation (#565)



  • Now generating Python SDK in addition to Go and JavaScript (#602)
  • Alpha version of Notifications (#593)
  • The get_tasks endpoint now returns tasks of all statuses if not explicitly filtered (#588)


  • Added Sender Id to Confirmation Task (#610)
  • Eliminated inconsistent Task state (#609)
  • Updated Go crypto library dependency (#594)
  • Added unit-tests against double-spending (#592)
  • Resolved bug where get_tasks returned no results if no filter was applied to task types (#588)